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Desk from T.I.C.

Dear Students/Learner

            I am delighted to express my views of education at BMMC; Education is the most powerful weapons to make a man perfect and to change the society, by fostering this noble thought my first and foremost efforts is that my college will be the best place for true and quality education of students. All my college staff and I personally believe education is not a having degree or certificate but to know yourself know the society and cherish all good habits and practice by removing all evil. A student is not a common one they all are the future generation of nation.


            So, BMMC is committed to quality education, teaching and capacity building through comprehensive methodology. In our college a teacher is not only a teacher but he is also a friend philosopher and great guider. College always promote educational values and cultural atmosphere not only within the students but also the teachers, the NTS and local community. This college is established by the permission of Higher Education dept. W.B. and affiliated by Bankura University. College learners to acquiring progression through its 3 honours and 13 programme courses and we are trying to intr


oduce new courses at college in future.

  Enjoy your study at BMMC; wish you all success.



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