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Dr. Anjali Mondal, Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our college website. We thank you for taking time to visit. This website is the window to show our own activity to the world. We are in the centre of JANGAL MAHAL (The forest corridor of West Bengal) of Bankura district. We have such speciality of our own that you can never be able to experience anywhere. The depth of green and redness of earth are covering us. We mean major number of tribal pupil from families of little income but huge heart to love. We mean the locality that smells heritage of ancient India. We mean the wealth and warmth of relations between teacher and students what you can expect only in a large family.


  • Birsha Munda Memorial College
  •   Vill-Pirrah, P.O. Haludkanali, Dist. Bankura-722140
  •   Phone No.