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Birsha Munda Memorial College is one of the pioneer educational institutes situated in the southern part of Bankura district of West Bengal not far from kangsabati river and in the outskirts of Raipur block at Dundar gram panchayet under khatra subdivision. The college established in the year of 2010 with the help of some local education enthusiasts who spend their valuable time in raising contribution from people of various ranks and classes belonging to the local community for inculcating value based and principled education among the young population of the vast stretches of backward, Jungle Mahal area. The institute started in the High School building of Haludkanali with few students but gradually expanded its own two storage big building three honours and ten programme subjects, library building, girls hostel building, play ground by the aids from local bodies and the state government of west Bengal. The college has started to become one of the greatest educational institute through tireless efforts, industry and blessing from the teacher, staff and local community.


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